obligatory inaugural post . . .

Oh wow, ok jeez. This is it, as WordPress would say, Hello World!! The Ellipses is here!

So here we are, three ladies hitting the blog scene ready to tackle everything from The Real Housewives of the nation to the President’s State of the Union address, from what all the hipsters are wearing to how to knit your sea creature of choice. We are The Ellipses and we pick up where others left off—we finish what is left unsaid.

We are also feminists. Awesome right? Some people don’t get feminism, some people think it is a thing of the past, and some people think it is unnecessary. Obviously we disagree. Feminism is necessary. Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights and equal opportunities between women and men (from Wikipedia). Good try Wikipedia, but a simple binary category won’t cut it. (Holla to my trans folk!) Feminism is for all people. While I believe many people would whole-heartedly agree that there is little wrong or biased about that definition, a lot of people think that feminism is more about men-hating women who hate all things fun and want to create a world of . . . whatever.

That’s not exactly the case. There are a lot of different feminists; there are a lot of different ideologies. Even among the three of us as we work together to promote feminism and equality, we find differences in our selves. So imagine trying to say that all feminists want the same thing and follow the same ideology.

You can’t, because it simply is not true. BUT, we can agree to listen to one another and put our ideas out there to help in creating a world where saying “the F-word” won’t give you dirty looks in a classroom, at a bar, or wherever you find yourself.

So what’s our plan? We’re going to post about what we talk about in our daily lives, which includes politics, reality television, feminist ideology and how to integrate into our daily routine, fashion, literature, food, news-worthy items, and some items that aren’t mainstream news-worthy but are left unsaid, and we hope you add to this ongoing conversation.

We are The Ellipses and we are super excited to be here.


your thoughts?

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