news you can get behind . . .

Breaking news: Men are getting hired faster than women.

Thank you, Washington Post.

A study by the Pew Research Center took a look at the past five recessions in comparison to the present and found in every other recession women have recovered better in terms of job growth than in this one. In this recession men took a harder hit with job losses, and—understandably, it says—have made their comeback by branching out and accepting jobs that women typically fill. You know: teaching, health care, the public sector.

But there’s an important “Why?” that’s answered in the last few paragraphs:

“While the Pew researchers were hesitant about drawing firm conclusions from this, one possibility is that men, who are at the moment disproportionately unemployed, are more willing to accept low wages or a job outside their comfort zone than women.”

We have some interesting implications here. The first being: notions of gendered jobs may be changing. It may be just as masculine, or normal (heaven forbid!), to be a male nurse as it is to be a male construction worker. Of course we’re still talking about men making that “gendered” change; it says nothing of women construction workers.

But the second implication, and the most important: women are less willing to accept a low wage job, or a job out of her comfort zone. Meaning that women are less compromising when it comes to their wages. And they’re not just taking menial jobs just to have one, but working towards a specific  career. And if this is the case, it suggests that women aren’t accepting the sliding pay scale. We aren’t accepting the “I-guess-it’s-good-enough” jobs. We’re standing our ground for careers and salaries we deserve.

And that’s some news I can get behind.


your thoughts?

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