fashion friday y’all. . .

I recently checked out a book from the library about finding the hidden messages in women’s fashion. I thought it sounded really interesting. I read the first 20 pages maybe and found out that turquoise blue is a comforting color in an office setting, navy blue implies trustworthiness and responsibility, and hot pink is actually a good idea in some office settings.

I also “learned” that your favorite pencil skirt/blazer combo ACTUALLY makes people think your a power-crazed bitch, your favorite sexy, tight dress that barely goes to there ACTUALLY makes you look desperate, not sexy. I’m not totally convinced on those, because I really do love my purple pencil skirt with my $3 blazer together and sometimes when I’m actually not bloated from nature’s wonderful gift to me I want to show that I do have lovely curves.

I think that this book probably has some practical information and some pseudo-psychology that would be enjoyable to read and interesting to discuss, but overall you should wear what you want. You think my leggings and XXL Tall Hanes t-shirt makes me look dumpy? Turns out that’s what I was going for when I got dressed 10 minutes after I was supposed to leave to get to class, work, meet a friend on time. I like to call it “frumpy chic”, or probably better named, “these are my pajamas and I was running late, but the necklace makes it fashionable, right?”

So to recap here, wear what you want, anything you choose to wear is going to be judged in a way you probably didn’t see coming from someone, but they probably won’t tell you anyway. Apparently as a lady, no matter what you wear will make some guy or some gal think you look desperate or frumpy when really you were going for sexy or classic.

AND coming soon we’ll be posting pics of Iowa City folks and their styling ways. I am going to go out and creep and find people that will (hopefully) be interested in being photographed, and talking about their style in a brief interview.

Depending on my bloat meter, I will be wearing a super tight dress for our first successful week as a blog party tonight and I don’t feel desperate at all.

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