thoughts. . . ?

Hey all you feminists/concerned citizens/Iowa City folk/people in general!

What do YOU  think about Iowa City hosting a Midwest regional feminist conference?! Would you be interested? Would you attend? If so, when would you want it to be? What are you thoughts in general about that little idea?

You should email us, or facebook us, or tweet at us, or comment on this post, or. . . carrier pigeon us. Or something. Just let. us. know.


3 thoughts on “thoughts. . . ?

    • That’s a good question. . . Since I haven’t really start planning it yet, there is no set agenda. I think the purpose at this point is to connect Midwest feminists and begin building a group of people that are working towards the broad and diverse goals of feminism.

      That’s not super exact, but I’m working on it.

  1. I’d be interested in something like that. I think one project on the agenda should be raising awareness about how many people are in fact feminists, whether they know it or not. And I think mild-weathered autumn would be a good time for it.

your thoughts?

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