studies disprove estrogen myth . . .

In case you missed this yesterday, The New York Times featured the outcome of a series of experiments that proved estrogen levels (where you are in you cycle, or “that time of the month”) had no influence over endurance or performance in sports and physical activities.

So no matter where a women is in her cycle, she’s just as strong and has just as much endurance as any other day. I love it when science proves something we sane people have known for a while now.

But it does offer some interesting insight as to what estrogen levels do influence in women athletes, as well as how women’s bodies respond differently than men’s to exercise.

“. . . Scientists found that during exercise training, women’s tendons and ligaments didn’t grow as thick and powerful as men’s did, which had been expected. But after they reduced or stopped their workouts, women did not, in subsequent studies, lose their training benefits as quickly as men did.”


your thoughts?

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