is ‘the help’ really helping? . . .

An Iowa N.E.W. Leadership alumna recommended this blog post/movie review/analysis of The Help to me. Everyone should read it. The writer delivers a strong, needs-to-be-said analysis of our culture’s fascination with movies focusing on race relations (especially in the 1960s), but seriously lacking in historical accuracy.

For those of you with lives who have not graced the local movie theatre with your prescence lately, The Help is a movie released tomorrow that’s based on a book about (more or less, and bear with me here because I’m yet to read the book or see the movie) race relations in the south during the 1960s.

I could tell you the premise, but isn’t it just easier to watch:


One thought on “is ‘the help’ really helping? . . .

  1. I read the book and plan to see the movie. I think that overall it was helpful BUT, the big thing I kept thinking was: why directly write out the dialect? Everyone who lives in America knows that there was a discrepancy in education and that lack of education was a method of oppression. But, for some reason, reading it seemed really condescending. I hope the movie doesn’t make too light of the issue at hand and revel in the lighter side of getting back at the women who have housekeepers.

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