Hey y’all, I think you’re great.

via, ironically

School starts today. Good luck and prosper! You are a great person and you are READY for school! Whether it’s your first day of freshman year, or your final semester remember, you know your stuff, you are hard-working, and you are here to learn. You are wonderful and fortunate enough to be able to be a student.

So go forth, if you see someone lost help them. If you hear someone having a rough time try to be a friendly face or maybe talk to them. Don’t forget you were a freshman/new person once too.

Good luck! You can do it! Don’t forget to time manage! Sit in the front row!

And most of all, have fun and make your time meaningful and fulfilling for you and those around you.

Also I suggest you listen to “Gimme What You Got” by Amanda Blank for some confidence boosting, getting ready for class music.


your thoughts?

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