lady leaders of the past. . .

Joan Crawford

When it comes to female role models- real or fictional- the media has little to offer in this time period. While reading Backlash by Susan Faludi and after watching Miss Representation at the Bijou last night, and just by being an observant young woman of the 21st century it isclear at least according to the media, that since I am not a super hot, skinny, woman with a childlike voice or super smart, bossy rude person, or a suffering unloved middle aged woman, I am a social anomaly in the world of women.

I am a 21 year-old woman with ups, downs, and what the fuck moments. I am multi-faceted, just like anyone else, most importantly I am a person.

Katharine Hepburn

And I would like to see a movie with a variety of emotions, ambitions, thoughts, actions, and ideas from a single woman. In Backlash and Miss Representation, the makers made a point to recognize an era where women were more able to be people on screen, granted they were more likely to receive a harsher rating than a violent movie (ie Mae West in 1934).

Marlene Dietrich

Check out films with Mae West, Marlene Deitrich, Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, & Joan Crawford next time you feel like the current mainstream movies aren’t quite cutting it.

All photos were found on wikipedia.


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