damned if you do. . .

I had quite the discussion with a good friend this past Monday. A poem written by a classmate of hers really struck her as truly vile. I interpreted it very differently and saw it more as a beginning (and extremely limited) critique of pop-culture and the social roles that college-aged women (might) struggle with. Our discussion was fairly heated, and in the end we decided we would both write our interpretations of the poem, or rewrite the poem with our own ideas of what it is about. And lets be honest, the poem kind of sucked despite being able to induce a 45 minute debate over its meaning.

She finished her version last night, and I’m still working on mine. I find it very difficult to describe the battle between the expectations I feel are being put on me from certain aspects of college life and the expectations I have of myself as a strong and intelligent woman. It doesn’t help that she is an English major and I am not terribly poetic. Then I came across an article from the New York Times that Feministing pointed out. It discusses the way women in college are “running circles” around their male counterparts in class, but when it comes to outside the classroom the gender roles seemed to have barely changed since the 1950s.

While the article doesn’t answer any of the issues I’ve been considering this week, the fact that it mentioned the challenge made me feel a whole lot better. Does anyone else see what the article is describing? Do you struggle with these issues?

I know I do.


your thoughts?

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