mark your calendars . . .

This Saturday (Sept. 10th) is the Iowa Women’s Music Festival! Located in Upper City Park, the day stage is FREE (noon-5 p.m.). The evening performance by Janis Ian will be at the Englert theater. Come check out these wonderful musicians and hear some kickin’ music. For more info about the artists and the event, click here. 


me too. . .

I’m sure everyone and their mom knows about Postsecrets and probably even read them before I did on this early Sunday afternoon, but here’s one that I think a lot of us might find some comfort in.


I am not trying to endorse violence in anyway.

To be or not to be: The Seussical . . .

School starts back up tomorrow in Iowa City. What better way to celebrate your last evening of freedom than watching two of the most famous wordsmiths of all time (or with children under 5) duke it out? Check out this hilarious video of Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss’s epic rap battle. You decide who wins.

Picture courtesy of s1600/dr-seuss.jpg

colbert represents . . .

Oh, Stephen Colbert. How I love thee. And thee’s (thou’s? okay, your) show. Colbert mocks the conservative backlash to the new Department of Health and Human services policy requiring insurance companies to offer preventative health care and other lady-oriented business without a co-pay. Check out this clip from the show. And at least stay tuned through his impression of a T-Rex putting on a condom. Such small arms.

hug a lady day . . .

This comes up all the time. You know when you’re hanging out and some super cool lady walks by. Like she’s obviously cooler than you, and you know that. That’s a tough thing to come to terms with in this world where people are constantly compared to others just from a single look. I still find it incredibly interesting and horribly sad that sometimes when I’m really grouchy, and I see someone awesome, my first thought is, “Whoa bitch, let’s calm down” or something to that extent. “WHY WOULD I THINK THAT?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!”, is typically my next thought. I’m not sure why this jealous thing inside me rears its angry head and attacks the usually great people around me, but I am going to combat it, by combatting the cultural politics that go with it.

I have founded hug-a-lady day. As far as I know at least, I have founded hug-a-lady day. And honestly I would prefer to call it hug-a-lady-if-she-is-OK-with-being-touched-and-doesn’t-mind-you-invading-her-personal-space/-consent-is-sexy-even-with-hug-a-lady day.

But I decided the acronym HALISIOWBTADMYIHPS/CISEWHAL day kind of sucked.

So go forth and be nice to the women around you. Stop with those nasty thoughts that we all have, and respect the women around you so we can end this culture that puts us at odds with eachother. Cause honestly, there are few things better than your best lady friends and you having a good lady-fest, talking about lady things that men don’t typically have to deal with.

Maybe just start small by calling your mom, sister, or bestie and telling them how great they are or something.