save the children . . .

. . . from the media. Recently there has been an uproar in the media over Chaz Bono being on Dancing with the Stars. The problem? A transgender person where our children can see him! Or her! “We’re so confused–our children won’t know which gender-specific pronoun to use!” Frankly, I think it’s wonderful that people, young and old,  watching the popular show will have to confront their biases and prejudices against trans folk. Chaz has my vote.

Here’s Lewis Black’s onslaught of hilarity against the media’s irrational fear-mongering against Bono. 


goddammit Iowa. . .


If you haven’t read this, you should. It’s a rape case shared with Jezebel, from Iowa City. Clearly there are a few different sides of this story, but he put it in writing! And still nothing can be done? That’s bull shit. TEAM EPSTEIN.

vagina talk . . .

Vaginal beauty products royally irk me. Especially when the advertisements try to tell me my vagina’s pH balance is out of whack and can ONLY  be “fixed” by using their product.

Uhhhhh, what??? My vagina is fine, thank you very much, regardless of Summer’s Eve and other vagina-“health” based brands’ claims.  Check out this post by Maya at to read a funny, insightful piece about the femi-do’s and femi-don’ts of Summer’s Eve’s new ad campaign, “Hail to the V.”

more blow jobs, less wars. . .

The Society Pages is a great place if you are interested in just about anything, and who isn’t interested in PORN?! There’s a ten minute video from Cindy Gallop, the creator of Make Love, Not Porn and IfWeRanTheWorld if you click the link above.

I know, I know the first 20 or so seconds are a little awkward, but it’s totally worth it.

She also has a shorter Ted Talk that pretty much summarizes the longer video here.