Hey you Iowa City football fans!

Alright so I know some of you actually aren’t that interested in football, but a lot of you are interested in helping the world become a better place. Why not vote with your dollar and the next time you buy Hawkeye apparel look into buying from Alta Gracia brand apparel.

Alta Gracia is the first brand and factory of its kind. Located in the sunny Villa Alta Gracia in the Dominican Republic, AG manufactures college clothing. Hawkeye shirts, Duke shirts, U. of Washington, and about 400 other campuses! The really neat about AG is that they pay their employees over three and a half times the minimum wage, that equals out to about $3.83. They also have several different “watchdog” organizations that check in on how AG is doing. These are outside groups that come in to check on how AG is holding up to the standards written by United Students Against Sweatshops and the Workers’ Rights Consortium that keep factories in check to make sure they are keeping a pleasant and worker-friendly environment. They even have ergonomic chairs!!!! After staying up late working on my latest sewing projects I am very happy that these employees have that. My neck/shoulders were sore after only 30 minutes of non-ergonomic action.


So the cool thing is that Alta Gracia is on our campus. Yayyyeeeee Iowa, way to get it. But have you heard about it? I certainly hadn’t until recently. AG is an awesome company and I’m learning about them and would love to talk to you about it! Interested in workers’ rights? Interested Hawkeye gear? Don’t forget, it’s football season so you’ll need to refresh your black and gold duds maybe, I guess. I don’t really wear black and gold, but as soon as I get paid I’m going to bike on over to the old Hawk shop and pick up my worker friendly Hawkeye uniform! (that was not sarcasm, GO HAWKS YAYAYAYAYAYYEEEEE) (The go hawks part was a little sarcastic, at least the enthusiasm.) I hope they have a crew neck sweatshirt in my size!

Also check Alta Gracia on facebook!


studies disprove estrogen myth . . .

In case you missed this yesterday, The New York Times featured the outcome of a series of experiments that proved estrogen levels (where you are in you cycle, or “that time of the month”) had no influence over endurance or performance in sports and physical activities.

So no matter where a women is in her cycle, she’s just as strong and has just as much endurance as any other day. I love it when science proves something we sane people have known for a while now.

But it does offer some interesting insight as to what estrogen levels do influence in women athletes, as well as how women’s bodies respond differently than men’s to exercise.

“. . . Scientists found that during exercise training, women’s tendons and ligaments didn’t grow as thick and powerful as men’s did, which had been expected. But after they reduced or stopped their workouts, women did not, in subsequent studies, lose their training benefits as quickly as men did.”

US women defeat Brazil . . .

Need to get your heart pumping? You might not necessarily need to play sports, but watching the U.S. women play (and beat) Brazil yesterday would have been the equivalent of running a marathon at a sprinter’s pace.

This game had everything: questionable calls by the referees; heart-pumping, then heart-stopping penalty kicks; overtime with a last-minute goal that went straight through the Brazillian goalie’s hands; and then, finally, a double-overtime penalty shoot out.

See the unbelieveable plays and highlights in this video:

Not to mention the U.S. women dominating nearly the whole time even though they were down a player.

So the U.S. will take on France—an equally strong team—in the Women’s World Cup Semi-Finals this Wednesday, noon EST, 11 a.m. Iowa City time.